Next PhotoWalks:

Summer and Autumn Photowalks program, a number of Photowalks will be held in Warrnambool, Koroit and Port Fairy. Watch this space for details or 'Like Us' on Facebook ( so that we can keep you in the loop.

Past PhotoWalks:

Koroit Photowalk, Koroit, VIC: Queens Birthday Weekend 2013. Details and bookings here.

Here, you have information on photowalks happening in South West Victoria along the Great Ocean Road including Warrnambool, Port Fairy and Koroit.

Photowalks are designed for amateur photographers who want to learn more about their craft and want to get together with others who share the same interest. 'Photowalking' is a fun way to socialise, make new friends, is a rewarding holiday activity and a beaut way to get some great photos in the process.

PhotoWalks provides you with either a skilled or professional photographer who will lead you and your fellow 'photo walkers' through a specific 'theme walk' (eg: street photography, coastal photography, river/wharf photography, industrial photography, architecture, mixed themes, etc) in the area where you are and in the process, help you learn more about what you can do with your camera. You pick the photowalk that suites you.

Your PhotoWalks leader will take you to the great photo spots - not all being well known.

The photowalks are suitable for all levels of expertise - from novices using their smart phone through to more experienced DSLR photographers.

Walks are held through the day and early evening. Dates and times depend upon the seasons and holiday periods.

Walks are generally 90mins in duration - most will conclude with a meet-up in a pub at the end of the walk.

Cost: Range from $15 to $30/participant incl GST. Details here.

Here are some quick tips, especially if itís your first photowalk.

  • Any camera is fine! These events are for anyone with a camera! You donít need to be a 'professional' with a huge DSLR to attend a photowalk. Bring any camera you have.
  • Minimise your gear. You donít need to bring your entire camera bag. Certainly bring along one or two extra lens if you have them. Only bring an external flash or light weight tripod/monopod if you really need them normally.
  • Keep yourself comfortable. A photowalk typically involves walking and moving around. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes so your feet stay happy. Itís also a good idea to bring or wear sunscreen if itís a sunny day, wear appropriate clothing and bring a good water bottle. Importantly bring your wallet or purse - you may feel like a drink and/or snack afterwards.
  • Donít be shy! A photowalk is not just about the photos - itís also about meeting up with friends and meeting new ones who share the same interest in photography. | Phone: 0419 505 228


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